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    I find this YUKU format incomprehensible! 

    I quit on April 22, 2008. I don't remember when cigarettes stop being an issue for me, but it wasn't that long. All the well honed intellectual arguments I developed to sustain my habit fell away to the point that seeing smoking going on now comes across as "How can they be doing that?" Smoking just seems like something completely alien to me. (AND I smoked 1-1/2+ packs a day for probably 40 years!).

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    Reply from richard Funk:

    I agree.
    It is easy to see now that we are no longer locked in a prison of addiction.  Everyones time frame is different.
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    Thank you!  You've got a great quit going and you're inspiring others.  I really enjoyed the last post in your thread.  The list of accomplishments and such. 

    Keep On Keepin' On!!



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    you've done an awesome job! 
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    HEY!!!!! Yep, still here and smoke free. Guess I should go comment and let people know it is doable...LOL I just passed 8 months and yes, I still think about cigs every now and then. But when I think about having one my lungs hurt. I got my 1st real cold recently and it has not settled in my chest for the 1st time ever.  Thanks for checking in on me!
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    You're looking good Richard.
    Stick around, it's worth the ride.
    All the best